4-H Project Awards


Beef Breeding Project

Marias River Livestock Association  recognizes the hard work and time 4-Hers put in not only to bring breeding stock to the Marias Fair, but also to care for them prior to the fair and until the next year.
The purpose of these awards is to encourage knowledge and interest in a  continuing breeding project that will serve to become the foundation of a future breeding herd. It is the goal of MRLA to encourage our youth to become the next generation of Livestock producers.

The first year awards are for the two top bred yearling heifers, and the second year awards are for the top two cow/calf pairs that are owned by the youth and intended for the development of future breeding herds.

Selection is based on a two part criteria. One part is based on how well the animal scores in the Marias Fair breeding classes. This helps  determine the overall quality of the animal as a future herd replacement. The more important part is how well the youth does in an interview. This interview helps determine the youth's overall knowledge of their project, as well as future goals and aspirations. It also recognizes the youth's involvement in the Livestock industry.

MRLA works hard to promote a healthy,  competitive and positive future for our livestock industry. Our youth are a very important component of that. We thank everyone in our four county area for their support. 


  • Participants should plan to bring their bred heifer back with the progeny at her side to the Marias Fair the following year.
  • Participant needs to have ownership of the bred heifer and/or cow and calf. 
  • 4-H members must participate in the Marias River Livestock 4-H  breeding project interview during the regular interviews on Wednesday of  the Fair.
  • Both the interview score and the live show score will be used to establish the top two winners in each category.
  • The interview, which is to help the judge determine the  participant's knowledge and goals in breeding cattle and involvement in the Livestock industry, will carry the heavier weight of the combined  scores.
  • MRLA is looking to recognize heifers  that will likely produce a calf that will help the 4-H member to build a herd for the future, as well as award those participants who are then able to bring that first year bred heifer back as a first calf heifer with calf at her side.
  • There will not be limits placed on the number of years a 4-Her may compete and win each level at this time.

The bred heifer awards are:

  • 1st Place - Montana Silversmith buckle and $75 cash
  • 2nd Place - Custom Embroidered Jacket

The return heifer with calf at side awards:

  • 1st Place - Montana Silversmith Buckle and $150 cash
  • 2nd Place - Custom Embroidered Jacket


Sheep Public Presentation

 Not every 4-Her brings an animal to the Marias Fair, but that should not prevent them from being able to promote the livestock industry in other forms. Demonstrations and Illustrated Talks Allow 4-Hers to connect with the livestock Industry.

Marias River Livestock Association has developed a new award for the Marias Fair with these goals in mind:

  • Promotion of the lamb and wool community
  • Educating consumers about the nutritious benefits of lamb and sharing tasty recipes
  • Educating consumers on the versatility and sustainability of lamb and wool
  • Encouraging 4Hers to improve their public speaking skills
  • Encouraging participants to increase their depth of knowledge in their 4-H projects

This award is presented to youth participating in the demonstrations at the Marias Fair. 

Awards were based on a combination of the 4-H judge's score and the MRLA Judges' score for depth of knowledge on the topic that the demonstration was about.

One award will be given for each of the following age groups:

Cloverbud (age 5-7) Participation Ribbon

Junior (age 8-13) Plaque or Trophy & $50

Senior (age 14-18) Jacket & $75


Photo Album

Past winners of the 4-H project awards.