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The Post Rider Volume 6 Issue 1 - MRLA's January 2017 Newsletter



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The support of the membership enables us to be part of the Young Leaders in Agriculture, Young Ag Couple Conference and the Montana's Next Generation Conference. All of these events help to educate and prepare our young or beginning producers.

The dues pay for the meeting rooms, speakers, and other expenses connected with educational meetings. The insurance for the association to cover events and any fees or tax preparation costs connected with our non-profit status also is paid for with dues.

Since the establishment of MRLA there has also been the purchased a $200 and $500 gas card to assist in the cost of fuel for Maggie to travel to Interagency Bison Management Meetings, Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee Meetings, Department of Fish and Wildlife Meetings, the Department of Livestock Meeting, Environmental Quality Committee meetings and attend hearing and such during the legislative sessions.

Your support of Marias River Livestock Association is important as is your thoughts on topics and issues. Please feel free to contact any of the Board of Directors to let them know what is on your mind.

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